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PAROL6 is a high-performance 3D-printed desktop robotic arm. The design approach of PAROL6 was to be similar to industrial robots in terms of mechanical design, control software, and usability. Control software, GUI, and robots STL files are open-source. You can build your own PAROL6 robot by following the instructions located in Github respository.


PAROL6 is in its version 1 release 1

Visit our Official website

Source robotics website: Link
For building instructions visit: Link
All project files are on Github: Link
PAROL commander software on Github: Link
For Discord community visit: Link
For official forum visit: Link
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Documentation layout

    Home                    # Homepage of the project.
    About PAROL6            # Robot specifications, limits and.features
    General concepts        # General robotics concepts and theory.
    PAROL6 control board    # All about control board and how to use it.
    Getting started         # How to start using PAROL6 robot.
    Software                # All about PAROL6 software and API.
    PAROL6 commander GUI    # All about commander GUI interface
    Peripherals             # All about grippers, pneumatics, PLCs...
    Safety and handling     # How to not break your robot.


This manual offers guidance on operating the 6-axis robot "Parol6" and its accompanying "Parol6" software. The Parol6 is a versatile robot designed for a wide audience, including educational institutions, robotics enthusiasts, and small-scale automation applications. It serves as a practical tool for learning, exploration, and implementing robotics in various fields.


  1. Source Robotics shall not assume liability for any accidents, damages, and/or issues resulting from the improper use of the Parol6 robot

  2. Source Robotics retains the right to modify, revise, or update this manual without prior notice.


All code, building instructions/BOM and STL files are under GPLv3 Licence.