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PAROL6 control board has multiple ways to interact with outside world. Communication with high level code running on a PC is done with USB, but on top of that you can use other features like I/O or CAN to communicata.


I/O connections

PAROL6 is equipped with 2 isolated inputs and 2 isolated outputs.

Isolated power supply

It is standard to have isolated Inputs and Outputs to protect your device.
To use isolated power supply follow the connections on image below. Connect minus of power supply
to any of GND_SEL pins and plus of power supply to any of HV_SEL pins.


Even tho Inputs and Outputs are now isolated from the robot, the ESTOP is still connected to the same power supply of the robot


By using isolated power supply you are not limited to 24V. You can use 5V or 12V depending on your aplications.

Not isolated power supply

By following the connections as shown on image below all inputs and outputs will be connected to power supply of the robot.


Examples of input connections

Inputs can be limit switches, push buttons, Sensors... For limit switch connect one end of the switch to HV_SEL and another one to IN1 or IN2.

Examples of output connections

Outputs can be releys, lamps, low power actuators... For releys connect one end to GND_SEL and another to OUT1 or OUT2.

CAN bus

Still under developement

Can bus will allow you to connect external grippers and additional axes.
There are 2 CAN buses. Note* CAN2 is not soldered by default!

SSG48 Gripper


The gripper connects to the following connector on the PAROL6 robotic arm.
If building your own robot and gripper make sure you follow the wiring instructions. Failing to do that can destroy your gripper and control board.
First test the PAROL6 robot and then attach the gripper. Trying to troubleshoot both at the same time will be hard.


SSG48 Works by default with PAROL6 commander software and control board. There is no need to configure anything; it is plug and play experiance.

If you want to build or buy one check the link below:

Change in main.cpp

If using SSG48 gripper; In the main.cpp file change j5_homing_offset to be equal to 8035


Recommended pressure

Recommended pressure for PAROL6 and generally in industry is 6-8 bar. All examples conducted with pneumatics you see in our videos are done with pressures in that range.

Example of gripper connection

The 2 tubes going into a gripper are tubes that exit the PAROL6 robotic arm at a forearm region.
Tubes going from the pneumatic valve need to be connected to the pneumatic connections in the base of the robot.
Orientation is imporatant. Switching the 2 tubes will make your gripper normally closed or normally open depending on the orientation.


Connect valve wires to GND_SEL and OUTPUT1.

Vacuum gripper

You will have to print vacuum gripper holder from the github folder.
By default the gripper will spin freely; if you dont want that tie it up with a zip tie to the screw on the image.


You will have to block one port of pneumatic valve. You can use a tube of fitting size and screw in a M3 screw with threadlocker on it.



Connection is as follows:


Estop needs to be connected for normal operation of the robot


If you dont have an ESTOP you can use any NO switch!


On PAROL6 controller board there are connectors for 2 ESTOPS. They both share same GPIO on microcontroller. They both need to be NO contact.

Estop needs to be NORMALLY CLOSED (NC) contact type. NO will not work.
NC is beneficial in case your estop unplugs or gets its wires cut it will also register as a press of an estop, which is desirable behaviour.